After graduating from the Filmic Writing program (these days, they just call it “screenwriting”) at the University of Southern California’s film school, Morgan worked in production on several television shows, including ABC’s America’s Funniest Home Videos and E! Entertainment Television’s Emmy-winning comedy series Talk Soup. She once wore frozen turkeys on her feet on television in the name of Comedy™; while Morgan does have a fairly strong sense of personal dignity, she is also a consummate team player.

Morgan now has a traditional publishing deal, a midlife plot twist that still causes her to blink in astonished delight every time she thinks of it. Morgan’s mystery novel THE DIVIDE is set to be published by Alfred A. Knopf in summer 2024. THE DIVIDE has been described as “Double Indemnity meets The Big Lebowski,” which is pretty much the coolest thing ever.

Morgan has written for sites such as TVgasm, Forces of Geek, and A.Side and has ghostwritten novels for private clients. In 2008, she created Preppies of the Apocalypse, a blog featuring essays on far-flung pop-culture topics and reviews of vintage television shows, such as Miami Vice and The Man From U.N.C.L.E. In 2011, she began occasionally posting irreverent yet affectionate in-depth analyses of classic Duran Duran videos on her blog. Her book DURANALYSIS: ESSAYS ON THE DURAN DURAN EXPERIENCE was self-published in 2017. Her self-published novels include BIAS CUT, which was an Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award (ABNA) semifinalist and won a silver medal in the Mystery category of the Independent Publisher Book Awards (IPPYs); CHARLOTTE DENT, which was an ABNA semifinalist; and LONELY SATELLITE, which was an ABNA quarterfinalist.

Morgan has a YouTube channel where she hosts two series: Miami Vice Changed Everything, an episode-by-episode breakdown of the 1984-1989 NBC series, and When Gen-X Ruled the Multiplex, where she examines films from the 1980s that might have played a role in shaping the young minds of the MTV Generation. Careful observers might have noticed that Morgan spends a lot of time thinking about the 1980s.

Born in Spokane, Washington, Morgan currently lives in Seattle.