I’m delighted to announce that my novel THE DIVIDE will be released by Knopf on August 20th, 2024. Pre-order it here.

THE DIVIDE: a novel by Morgan Richter

Double Indemnity meets The Big Lebowski in this smart and compelling mystery.

When Jenny St. John was eighteen, she moved to Los Angeles from her rural midwestern hometown and scored the lead role in an independent film called The Divide. Under the intimate direction of young auteur Serge Grumet, Jenny was on her way to becoming the next indie darling. But then the movie tanked, and Jenny never caught a second break. Now, two decades later, after floundering on the fringes of the entertainment industry, she’s barely keeping afloat running a low-level grift as a psychic life coach.

But when news surfaces that Serge has been murdered, Jenny’s life is turned upside down. Unbeknownst to Jenny, Serge’s ex-wife, painter Gena Santos, looks alarmingly similar to Jenny. So much so that when Gena goes missing, the cops think Jenny is Gena.

Jenny finds herself pulled into Gena’s world and manages to leverage both her resemblance to Gena and her faux psychic abilities to infiltrate the affluent yet unstable inner circle of friends, which include a Korean pop idol–turned–social media star and an Oscar-winning actress–turned–wellness guru. Soon Jenny’s search to find Gena unearths dark secrets about her own past while putting her squarely in the sights of a killer.

“A riveting neo-noir thriller about mistaken identity and what it means to live and die in LA. Weird and wonderfully addictive—reads like Agatha Christie on acid, or maybe Raymond Chandler adapted by the Coen Brothers.”
—Ernest Cline, #1 New York Times best-selling author of Ready Player One

“In the utterly refreshing THE DIVIDE, a slightly grifty ‘intuitive’ life coach finds herself at the center of this devilishly clever mystery. Morgan Richter uses her fresh voice and a modern noir vibe to bring Jenny St. John and Los Angeles to life.  A slow burn you won’t be able to put down.” 
—Alafair Burke, New York Times best-selling author of Find Me

“An ingenious tale of intrigue, deception and doppelgängers, Morgan Richter’s The Divide is utterly absorbing and completely original. This deviously sharp, sublimely strange modern-day noir took me hostage and wouldn’t let me go until I’d devoured every last delicious word!” 
—Katherine Wood, author of Ladykiller

“An actor turned psychic stumbles into the center of an LAPD murder investigation in Richter’s winningly offbeat debut…Richter comes through with sparkling prose, a consistently surprising mystery, and an engrossing portrait of contemporary Los Angeles. Fans of Hollywood neo-noir will relish this fresh update on an old formula.” 
Publishers Weekly