The semi-official Luft Books bird doodle.

With a focus on difficult-to-categorize, genre-straddling fiction, Luft Books is dedicated to providing readers with a fresh new source of original, innovative works. Established in 2012, Luft Books is based in New York City.

Luft Books was founded by Morgan Richter. A graduate of the screenwriting program at the University of Southern California’s film school, Morgan has worked in production on several TV shows, including Talk Soup and America’s Funniest Home Videos, and has contributed pop culture reviews and essays to websites such as TVgasm and Forces of Geek, as well as to her own site, Preppies of the Apocalypse. She is the author of Bias Cut, Lonely SatelliteCharlotte Dent, Demon City, The Changeling, and Wrong City; she has also written the books Four Emperors and Three Warlords under the pen name Evan Allen. Bias Cut won a silver medal at the 2013 Independent Publishers Book Awards and was a 2012 semi-finalist for the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award (ABNA). Charlotte Dent was a 2008 ABNA semi-finalist; Lonely Satellite was a 2014 ABNA quarter-finalist. Born and raised in Spokane, Washington, she currently lives in New York City.

A.K. Adler is a science-fiction author based in Sydney Australia. He has written a number of time travel books, including Disconnected and Hooked, that have been strategically dotted throughout the space-time continuum. Find and collect them all!

Born and raised in northern New Jersey, R. Diskin Black graduated with a BA in History from Lafayette College in Easton, PA. He also went to law school, but nobody wants to hear about that. He has been gainfully employed in the legal profession his entire adult life. He is the author of the novels Ethan Weiss and the City Between Two Rivers and Zombie Scout: The Diary of Jack Sullivan. He currently lives in New York City.