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BIAS CUT is now available in softcover

The softcover edition of Morgan Richter’s BIAS CUT is now available from most major online book retailers and may be specially-ordered wherever books are usually purchased. Retail price will vary.

BIAS CUT is also available for purchase in the Kindle format. Amazon Prime members may borrow the ebook version of BIAS CUT for free.

Purchase BIAS CUT at Barnes & Noble

Purchase BIAS CUT at Amazon

An introduction…

Welcome to Luft Books.  Luft is a very small and very independent New York-based publishing company, dedicated to providing readers with a wholly new source of fresh, innovative fiction. This month will see the release of our first title, Morgan Richter’s Bias Cut, which will be available as both an ebook and a paperback.

Questions or comments about Luft Books, or about this website, or about any of our titles may be directed to info(at)